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Jaxon and Lily - Newborn and Family Photoshoot, Newbury

It was great to meet up again with Katie and Connor a year and a half after photographing their wedding to take some family shots of them and Lily with their new addition Jaxon, who was less than a week old. The session was an in home relaxed lifestyle session making the most of the natural light in their single bedroom converted barn.

Living on a farm we decided to utilise the outside space and finished the session bundled up warm and heading out to find some puddles to stomp in - accompanied by seven dogs! I've done session before with pets but never this many before, it was chaotic but great fun and I ended up with mud everywhere!

Having your photoshoot outside or planning an activity like baking a cake or kicking a ball around is a great way to get engaging photos of toddlers and small children who can often find it difficult to sit for posed photographs. In fact, don't we all find posed photographs a little stiff and awkward? I'm a big believing in finding fun ways to relax in front of the camera whatever age you are, finding an activity to do can be a great way to do this!

A baby on a brown rug wearing a blue sweater

A mother holders her baby in a white blanket, the baby's sister looks down at him

A back and white photography of a women holding her baby over her shoulder, the baby is asleep

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