Craig and Kat's Oxford Wedding - What rain? No Problem!

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

When I first arrived at the hotel to photograph Kat and Craig's big day I met Craig in the foyer, suited and booted, ready 2 hours before the ceremony. I fully expected Kat to be midway through getting ready but she was no where to be seen! Looking at his phone Craig remarked ‘Kat’s in a coffee shop in Abingdon!’ I love how relaxed both Kat and Craig were all day, it's certainly the way to make sure you enjoy yourself to the fullest.

When Kat arrived, Craig was under strict instructions to look away from the door so as not to see Kat! She got a little peak of him as she came through the reception area but not the other way around. It makes me so happy to work with couples who pick and chose which traditions to incorporate into their weddings based on who they are as a couple - it's your wedding, do it your way. Kat and Craig wanted to stay traditional with keeping Craig's first sight of Kat on their wedding day for the walk down the aisle (and yes there was a tear in his eye when that moment came) but in other ways they are bucking the stereotypes - I love the fact that Craig and Kat both had engagement rings and not just her.

Craig and Kat’s wedding day is a testament to the fact that a little (ok a lot!) of rain shouldn’t put a damper on anything. It’s going to be an awesome day no matter if it’s rain or shine! We had plans to follow the ceremony directly with a confetti tunnel and group shots outside but as we came out of the ceremony the rain was still coming down hard. So a quick change of plan and into the entrance hall for group shots. The foyer was beautiful, but busy! But not to worry, I had no qualms about moving everything in the way - I moved signs, I moved suitcases, I moved a conference easel, I even moved people, this is your day and I'm sure the other hotel guests don't mind! And don't worry - we didn't forget about the confetti toss, during the evening reception we grabbed a few of the wedding party and had a confetti shower for the couple inside, quickly followed by the guests spontaneously filling the room with bubbles which Craig and Kat danced under - despite the rain it all turned out perfectly.

EDIT - look what Kat and Craig found for me! This is me, getting snapped, rocking your dance floor shots! I love it when I get to have this much fun at a wedding.

The day was rounded out with an epic party following Kat and Craig's awesome choreographed first dance. I even got dragged up and busted a move to the Macarena - sorry there’s no pics of that, I was too busy dancing! I did get roped into a selfie and someone snapped me on a disposable as I was getting those dance floor shots so I’m documented at the wedding somewhere!

All in all a beautiful day where everywhere I turned there was someone smiling, laughing and generally having a wonderful time!

"From start to finish, our experience with Charlie at Amethyst Photography has been exceptional. She took care to scope out the best parts of the venue for photographs, and demonstrated a keen eye for detail throughout the day. Despite constant rain limiting the space for taking photographs, the resulting pictures were incredible. Charlie was so much fun to work with and captured so many great moments, her photographs really tell the story of our day. In every possible way, Charlie exceeded our expectations, and was an integral part of our wedding." - Kat and Craig

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