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Olivia and Alison - Autumnal Lake District Wedding

I arrived at the hotel the night before Alison and Olivia’s November wedding in the evening. I knew we were supposed to be on the edge of Lake Haweswater but all I could see were trees and inky blackness and I hadn’t passed another car on the last 25 minutes of my journey - we really were in the middle of nowhere!

Nothing could prepare me for the view I woke up to the next morning, stepping out of the front door of the hotel early in the morning, it literally took my breath away! A beautiful clear lake, rolling hills, all in autumn colours.

With everyone staying in the hotel the night before, the guests took in a morning stroll by the lake with the dogs (yes there are pictures of Alison and Olivia’s gorgeous dogs - scroll down!) as the brides got ready together with their bridesmaids. The wedding was intimate with only 28 guests, both the bride’s mums did a reading during the ceremony, and yes, once again I was spotted tearing up behind my camera! After the ceremony it was time for group shots and then we took a wander along the lake in the autumn colours, before dinner and an evening of boardgames and dancing. I even put my camera down and had a boogie!

It was a truly wonderful weekend and an honour to be a part of. It’s been over 2 years since I photographed Olivia and Alison’s engagement photos and so it feels like the wedding’s been a long time coming, but definitely worth the wait!

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